Microsoft Windows 3.0 Multimedia Edition CD is incorrectly tagged

I mentioned this in the discussions under the Windows 3.0 downloads.

The "Microsoft Windows 3.0 Multimedia Edition" CD download is incorrectly tagged.

  • It is actually a TANDY OEM version
  • It is actually version 3.0a

To install it, simply go to the "MWIN" directory on the CD and start SETUP.EXE
This seems to work well enough in DOSBox (actually DOSBox-X)

I suspect that all Multimedia editions are 3.0a since it came out later.
However, as a test I first installed regular Windows 3.0, and then ran the Multimedia Edition installer and it gave me two options

1) Upgrade the installed windows version to 3.0a + Install the multimedia editions
2) Install only the multimedia editions

So it is possible to have a 3.0 + Multimedia extensions by selecting the later option.

Also, due to it being a TANDY OEM version it contains some Tandy additions in a boatload of software demo's. It also defaults to a video adapter (Paradise VGA) that few will have, and to a "Tandy Sound Blaster 16".

The Tandy Sound Blaster 16 seems to work fine with the DOSBox emulated SB16, but you first need to adjust the settings in SYSTEM.INI as it blindly assumes the card to be at IRQ 10, DMA 3 and HDMA 6

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