Request: is there a place that lets you run old versions of windows online?

like 98, NT 4.0 , 2000, ME etc


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    Yes, online emulators. Search for them.

    But to be honest, you're better off with virtualisation software or QEMU for more optimal performance.

  • i meant like online virtual machines

  • Did you try (for newer stuff) or (for pre-IBM AT stuff)?

  • they don't have NT 4 or Windows ME

    I'm looking for online virtual machines of Windows NT 4.0 or Windows ME, 2000

  • Why can't you emulate these in a normal emulator/virtualiser (i.e. Bochs, QEMU, VMWare, or VirtualBox)?

    Also, I'm pretty sure this Category is meant for requesting/offering software for the Library.

  • There was/is one that lets you run Windows 95 in browser, web search "Windows 95 in browser" but it keeps running into nested timeouts making anything serious non-feasable. It was based on a modified 86box.
    I would think you could copy, remake, and possibly run a different OS with an 86box installed hard disk image, but still you'd have those timeouts.

  • Moved to software. "Requests" are for titles, not information. and PCJs have some online emulators, but I don't believe they do much more than DOS.

    The problem is, PC emulators are incredibly complex and speed hungry pieces of software. Trying to implement such a program in a browser's pathetic, sandboxed scripting language would be much like trying to build a masterful sculpture out of raw sewage. It's impressive the ones out there work at all. They lack many features because browsers intentionally limit what scripts can do. I fully expect these on-line emulators to break every time a new browser update comes out.

    There was some semi-serious talk about adding on-line emulators on winworld many years back, but that never materialized. That would have meant much extra site support, more bandwidth usage, as well as creating a custom emulation image for every single product.

    I kind of thought people were over the obsession with embedding everything in a web browser. Now it is embedding everything in a stupid toy cell phone. :P I remember back in the IE 4/5/6 days regular applications would fit themselves in an ActveX control so they looked like they were running in a web browser (and still lost features) but there was nothing at all webby about them.

    Just install an emulator and be happy.

  • PCJS goes all the way through Win95. Win Me is probably easy enough to implement on the platform but why? The excitement (and crashes) of Win Me require installing multiple programs on real hardware with buggy drivers.

  • I don't even think that the emulators work in New Moon/Serpent. They were just waaaayyy too slow for me.

  • abstultus has a retro vm thing but every time i try to create one i get this:

    "All VMs of that type have been allocated. Please contact the website administrator to allocate more resources."


  • Merged threads. Don't create new threads for the same thing.

  • Please stop repeating the same thing on every product, it's just annoying and frustrating. Why don't you USE A EMULATOR instead of going online?

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