Office 97 Small Business v2

Hi! Does anyone have Office 97 SBE V2???
Thanks in advance.


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    I have only Professional, sorry about that.

  • Hello:

    Sorry for not responding with a more essential answer; I have been looking for this too in particular regarding to the Small Business Financial Manager 98.

    Over at BetaArchive forum there is a similar requests dating back for years. I bumped it up; some snowflake appeared and bragged that he has 2 versions of it, but did not bother to upload it anywhere. Gotta "love" people like this...

    Anyways, hope some nice soul will lend a hand in time of need.

  • AFAIK, SBFM 98 is similar to SBFM 2000 in terms of features, though SBFM 3.0 (98) works only with Excel 97 and SBFM 2000 works only with Excel 2000 and is included with every Office 2000 bundle except Standard.

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    I don't think mine is v2 (how can I tell?), but I do have an Office 97 SBE disk.

    The ISO is here if anyone wants to take a look:

    EDIT: This ISO is v1. The ebay links below and Google answered it rather easily. The missing v2 is a two disk set: Word/Excel 97, Outlook/SBFM 98 on the first disk, Pub 98 on the second. The v1 is a single disk with "97" versions of everything.
  • SBE v2 additionally includes Direct Mail Manager
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    Well I have the download/update for Small Business Financial Manager 98 for North America and UK. It updates Office 97's SBFM 97 to version 98. If you want it, I will upload it somewhere.

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    In fact it's the Y2K update for SBFM97/98. IIRC Office 97 SBE v2 was mostly bundled with Windows 98 FE (not SE)/NT 4.0 machines. And Office 97 SBE v1 we have here is a British (UK) version.
  • It doesn't say anything like it's a Y2K update or something. My Office 97 SBE v1 came with SBFM 97 which is about 7 MB when compressed with IExpress. And after installing this 8 MB download, Excel 97 shows SBFM 98/version 3.0 in About. The help topics and Accounting menu is also updated. There are 2 versions - one for North America and other for UK. So it's the full version later bundled with Office 97 SBE v2.

    Anyway I have uploaded it to:

  • SBFM 98 added ability to create charts, business comparison reports and projection reports.
  • And you're saying this is not it?

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    And you've installed SBFM98 on Windows 7. SBFM98 (3.0) was originally designed for Windows 95 and NT. I've noticed that there's no Buy vs Lease tool.
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