MS-DOS 3.00

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MS-DOS 3.00

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  • Any idea on how to install it on 86box?

  • There was no proper installer for DOS before version 3.30 or so, when a very rudimentary version of SELECT was introduced. Some OEMs like Compaq had their own proprietary installers. DOS 4.0 later expanded SELECT functionality but it was a very clunky and downright stupid design, so no wonder it was replaced by the much better SETUP in 5.0.

    For earlier versions, you just format the hard disk with FORMAT C: /S, which writes the DOS bootsector to the volume and copies over system files (IO.SYS, MSDOS.SYS and COMMAND.COM). You then have a bootable hard disk with DOS on it and you can copy the other programs over manually.

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    IDE hard disk doesn't work on MS-DOS 3.00, so I used the SCSI (16MB).
    But if I format the hard disk, it says there are some unavailable space there.
    Also, when I boot it, it says "Non-system Disk or Disk Error"!
    How do I fix that?
  • @vio08
    Instead of using hypervisors for old software, use emulators like 86box or PCem. I recommend 86box.
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