AT&T System V Unix 2.x



  • That's alright. I'm sure some people attempted to but I'll try to at least find the first two disks on the internet.
  • I met the error "Incorrect unix system 'base system package' floppy disk 1.
    This disk is not appropriate for machines exclusively equipped with SCSI peripherals."
    I use 86box, socket 7 single voltage, asus p/i-P54TP4XE with an ide harddisk and amd pcnetfast iii network adapter, no cdrom driver. Does anyone know why?
  • Well, I read that error as mostly meaning "I can't find the hard drive". That motherboard setting could be emulating a more advanced IDE controller that this software may not recognize. Try a different setting.

    At least I would expect software from 1991 to support IDE, but we don't have a hardware compatibility list.
  • @Tongpeifu1234 You should set the hard disk controller to the built-in one.
  • Does anyone have SVR4 v3.0? I can't find it anywhere.
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