AT&T System V Unix 2.x



  • That's alright. I'm sure some people attempted to but I'll try to at least find the first two disks on the internet.
  • I met the error "Incorrect unix system 'base system package' floppy disk 1.
    This disk is not appropriate for machines exclusively equipped with SCSI peripherals."
    I use 86box, socket 7 single voltage, asus p/i-P54TP4XE with an ide harddisk and amd pcnetfast iii network adapter, no cdrom driver. Does anyone know why?
  • Well, I read that error as mostly meaning "I can't find the hard drive". That motherboard setting could be emulating a more advanced IDE controller that this software may not recognize. Try a different setting.

    At least I would expect software from 1991 to support IDE, but we don't have a hardware compatibility list.
  • @Tongpeifu1234 You should set the hard disk controller to the built-in one.
  • Does anyone have SVR4 v3.0? I can't find it anywhere.
  • For anyone wondering on how to transfer files to SVR4, you can use a Dell UNIX installation, but it requires that you have set up an FTP server on your network, transfer the files to Dell UNIX, and then mount the SVR4 hard disk and copy the files over.
  • is it possible to boot this from an external usb floppy disk drive
  • That is so hard......
    To install this.
  • edited June 2023
    @oapanel No. It will kernel panic. It is best to use an integrated floppy disk drive.
  • @18603833732 Not really, if you use VirtualBox, with a 500 MB hard drive and 64 MB of RAM, it installs just fine. You just have to follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Never mind, I reconstructed SVR4 v3.0, and it is available here:
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