HomeWord 1.00 (IBM)

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imageHomeWord 1.00 (IBM)

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  • I tried it in DOSBOX, and it worked. Just converted one of the images in a standard/RAW .img file, extracted the files, and launched realhw.exe.

  • I've got the same package and dump it.
    Yes, it is just same as mine. (This has disk copy protection on Track 39/0, but it can be copied by Teledisk or ImageDisk.)
  • Can someone convert this to an .IMG file for use in PCem? I tried writing a virtual disk with ImageDisk but could not get it to work.
  • That is impossible. The software is copy protected. The IMG format does not retain the information needed to make copy protected programs run.
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    HomeWord 1.00 (IBM) runs fine in 86Box.

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