[OFFER] Microsoft Learn BASIC Now

My past post was requesting Microsoft Learn BASIC Now. Thanks Winux for help me Find it. I Download from Vetusware it came without Disk Images i made some Disk Images using Winimage. I put in DISK 2 the SETUP do not recognize DISK 2. I Install by create Folder on the Hard Drive and copy Files from Floppy to Hard Drive Folder. Microsoft Game Shop using Microsoft Learn BASIC Now Disk 1-3. Microsoft Game Shop is based on Microsoft Learn Basic Now Both of Them have the QBI known is Quick Basic Interpreter. Microsoft Game Shop is modernize version Microsoft Learn Basic Now.

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  • Thanks! :)

    But please note: The reason of disk images is to preserve original disks as a whole, meaning contents with original metadata and layout. There's no sense in "creating" disk images if they are not original. ;) A Zip file is more honest then.

    Maybe someone actually has original disks but decides to not image them, because there already are images available, and doesn't know those are not original.

  • I also think that there is no meaning to create handmade disk image.
    I was totally fooled by this image.

  • On occasion having a disk image is required, or at least makes things easier, even if it’s not from original media. Some disks have information in the disk label that would be lost if using a zip archive. But in these situations it’s best to make sure that it’s clear that the disk image isn’t original.

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    I create img files to show on Emulation Software like VirtualBox, DOSBOX VMWare Player. Microsoft Learn BASIC Now like Microsoft Learn C Now did not came Images but came with Disk Files. I create Images to test out VirtualBox. It worked VirtualBox The Image files have Microsoft Learn BASIC NOW. You can install VirtualBox but i have create img file anyway without img files no way test it out. My Windows 10 Laptop do not run old MS-DOS files.

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