Hello everybody. I'm new here and I've recently experimented the nostalgia of the old days. I've got a 486 and I'm playing the games that I played when I was a child. Now I would like to repair a disaster that happened 30 years ago. I bought a PC game named Rampage in the 5.25" disk type. I liked it very much, but then it was erased accidentally. A friend of mine had it original too so we copied the files in my disk but that didn't work because of the disk copy protection. I would like to repair the disk so I've been looking for an image file but I haven't find anything. Do you Know a place where I can download it? These are the files that we copied to my disk, I think it is version 1.2.



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    RAMPAGE is disk copy protected game.
    But you can dump it as .TD0 (Normal Mode) by Teledisk 2.x
    PCE emulator supports copy protected image.

    P.S. Please do Not quote my whole sentence.

  • I have a cracked version in the hard disk that I can play with my 486 but I would like to repair my original disk if it is possible.

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    The best way is to use Undelete file function by PC-Tools or another utility on orginal disk.
    (But original disk should not be initialized or overwritten by any files.)

    You can refer file list from my screenshot.


    You can attached dumped disk (from your original) by teledisk 2.x
    I'm enable to fix the problem.

  • A little too late for that. After being erased (formatted) the files listed in the photo that I linked where copied from my friend's original disk to my original disk in an useless effort to recover it. We didn't know much those days.

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    Hmm, that's too bad.
    The only way is to crack RAMPAGE.EXE file.

    I sent it by PM.

    P.S. No 720KB format (image) of RAMPAGE exists.
    RAMPAGE is 360KB formage (image) from both 5.25" and 3.5"
    If you have only 3.5" floppy drive, you should initialize disk as 360KB.
    (Track : 40 / Side : 2 / Sector : 9)

  • This is exactly why we archive Kryoflux/SCP/Trancopy dumps of copy protected media. So we can restore disks to (almost) factory condition if the contents were erased or altered.

    Unfortunately, we don't generally do games here, and I don't know of any place that has that. Of course, I'm guessing you don't have a Kryoflux, SuperCard Pro, or Transcopy card to write this stuff anyway.

    For actual use you are better off with an unprotected copy. Fortunately, it seems one exists for this program. Not all business applications are that lucky.

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