Formatting C: hard drive on an IBM XT

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  • I have problems on formating the C: hard drive on an IBM XT machine. Can someone help?

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    Moved to hardware. If you include details, then yes, perhaps someone can help. Although this gets discussed much more over at the Vintage Computing forums.

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    Well, I am trying to emulate Visi On on 86box and I want to format the hard drive on MS-DOS 2.11 with an XT Machine because it's one of the machines that can run Visi On.

    The problem is, that when I try to format the C: drive I can't do it. When I use the FDISK tool It just tells me that there are no fixed disks present. Could you help me?

  • Oh. I thought you meant a real XT.

    Well, you need to tell 86box to create and assign an image file to use as a hard drive. For Visi On, it should be no more than 15 megabytes. (10 was typical). In XT mode, you might not be able to use regular IDE as a controller type.

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    I tried but it didn't work. I tried every bus/controller and tried to make the hard drive recognizable but still doesn't work. I don't know if I need to change the channel/ID or something?

    Everytime I run FDISK.COM it just tells me that there are no fixed disks present. I just can't find a way to tell the system what kind of Hard Disk C: I have like the 286 type machines.

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