Microsoft Word 1.x (DOS)

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imageMicrosoft Word 1.x (DOS)

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  • It be nice if we have Microsoft Word 1.00 for DOS. This guy find Microsoft Word 1.00 for DOS in trash at Office and not release software to public. Microsoft Word 1.00 for DOS was spotted on Ebay now have sold. Lease have Microsoft Word 1.00 for DOS PC World Demo to play with in til Microsoft Word 1.00 for DOS surface.

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    Picture of Microsoft Multi-Tool Word appear on Microsoft 101: Charles Simonyi Story Part 2.
    It say Microsoft Multi-Tool Word Demo. So that mean there is demo version similar to PC WORLD Demo version of Microsoft Word. I slowed video so take a picture on media player. It looked like it PC Version not Xenix Version. It also say in word document "Microsoft Multi-Tool Word" and "Microsoft Mouse". That mean Microsoft Multi-Tool Word was bundle with First Microsoft Mouse. Same way Microsoft Word 1.15 For DOS bundle with Microsoft Mouse 2.50.

    There is Video Version

  • Is there a way to run it? Whenever I run it on 86box a Protection Error appears.

  • Microsoft Word 1.00 For DOS will run VirtualBox pretty good.

  • @johnlennon364 said:
    Microsoft Word 1.00 For DOS will run VirtualBox pretty good.

    I don't know, I have tried that before but it didn't work. Could you please tell me what you did to run it?

  • It will run on MS-DOS 5.00. Download any Microsoft Word 1.00 for DOS versions go into Folder names Files. You need create img file by using Winimage create blank floppy disk set at 360kb insert files from your Downloaded Microsoft Word 1.0 for DOS Folder name Files went you are done insert files from Microsoft Word 1.0 for DOS Files Folder go save as as IMG File VirtualBox will do not run IMZ File. Once you create IMG File go to Virtualbox went you have MS-DOS have install on VM create a folder on C: Drive go to a: drive with Microsoft Word 1.0 for DOS img file and copying to folder on C: Drive.

  • Microsoft Word For DOS have interface consensus to Microsoft Multiplan at the time it seen joke compare to WordStar and WordVision out sold Microsoft Word For DOS. People at the time outlooked Microsoft Word for DOS. Wordperfect out sold Microsoft Word for DOS in still Windows version of Word when things begin change for Microsoft. I love the Microsoft Word for dos one thing i love the interface menu the bottom down the screen and easy to use.

  • Take a look at Word for DOS had good sales if not up to the level of WordPerfect but still good enough for second place after Multimate and DisplayWrite started to fade but before GUI word processors finally took over.

  • One hope we find May 1983 Microsoft Word 1.00 known as Microsoft Multi-Tool Word.
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