[OFFER] Microsoft Word 1.10 For DOS

On 05/16/2020 PCjs received Microsoft Word 1.10 For DOS Disk along with Microsoft C Compiler 1.03 (Beta), Microsoft C Compiler 1.04, and Norton Utilities 2.00. This is not a complete version of Microsoft Word 1.10 For DOS. They received only one diskette, and the diskette was incomplete, it containing a variety of personal information which they removed and an assortment of other software which they preserved.
Microsoft Word 1.10 was distributed on a copy-protected diskette, and the copy-protected data was missing from the diskette as well. However, they were able to restore that data from the Microsoft Word 1.15 For DOS Program Disk.



  • Thanks for sharing this. No protection? I take it this was a non-original attempted copy then? Or did someone re-format the original?

  • This is Not dumped from original media.
    Original Word 1,10 should be disk copy protected.

  • PCjs have the original disk I guess remove copy protected of Disk.

  • Hmm, is is odd they managed to get it to run in that emulator. They must have added the ability to hold protected bits in their proprietary "json" source files and then it just spits out a lobotomized IMG file.

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