SCSI... why not?

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I have a Adaptec AIC-7850 Fast-SCSI-II controller, with nothing connected to it. I also have a 2.1gb SCSI hotswap drive (not connected with the computer).

My main HDD is a IDE 13.6gb 7200rpm Seagate drive. Would it be a good idea to connect a SCSi drive to the controller, and use it as a boot drive? I know SCSI is faster than IDE, but this is an old SCSI drive. Will my pc boot faster with the SCSI drive?

I think I can get a 9gb SCSI drive. Would this be faster then?


  • boot drive as in........just the boot loader......or the Windows drive?

    If you got WIndows 2000.........that takes FOREVER to boot. Even ask Q on his 2GHz/1GB
  • SCSI is something oof a rich mans bus. It's wickedly expensive compared to IDE, but also very fast. Used alot in svrs.

    If you want to make it the boot drive (The one with the WINNT (or WINDOWS) dir on it) then it MAY go fast. But SCSI is also rather finicky, from what I've seen/used of it.

    If you have a seperate machine to test on, I for 1'd be glad to help/hear about it.

  • I know SCSI is expansive, But I was thinking if it was a good idea to use that old 2.1gb SCSI drive. It once was a server drive (It has a hotswap connector) but will it be faster than my 7200rpm IDE seagate?

    I'm still looking for a hotswap bracket to connect the drive to the adaptor.
    I bought the adaptor from a friend of mine for
  • XP on 2.1GB? YOu can try.

    Yea, WTF is 2000 so SLOW?!

    What's the specs of the drive? if we know that, I may be able to find out the speed of the drive.

    The primary reason for getting SCSI is it's chaining ability and the bus speed.

  • I like 2000's insane stability once its booted, but its boot times HORRIBLE....
  • Some info:
    My SCSI Hard Disk Drive:
    Conner CFP2105E
    (or Seagate ST3105W)
    Capacity: 2.15gb
    RPM: 5400
    Seek Time: 9.5ms
    Transfer Rate: 20mb/sec

    My IDE Hard Disk Drive
    Capacity: 13.67 GB
    RPM: 7200
    seek time: 7.6 ms
    Transfer Rate: up to 66mb/sec
    Bus Type: IDE ULTRA ATA/66

    I have a Intel 440BX chipset with ATA33 controller. According to nero's drive test the seagate drive reaches transfer rates of 20mb/sec.
    The old SCSI-drive is slower by numbers, but SCSI should be a fast bus. Will the SCSI drive be slower or faster?
  • Look at the Xfer rates. If one SCSI is upto 20MB only, but IDE gets up to 66MB, ideally IDE will go faster.

    But... I don't know. I've never REALLY used SCSI.

  • The drive supports ATA66, but the mainboard only supports ATA33, it should go faster than 20mb/sec. I think the 9gig scsi drive will be faster than the ide model. I'll let you know when I got that 9gig drive.
  • You do that, I"ll be interested to hear about it.

  • Remember to install the SCSI controller drivers when you install windows. Thats if you can find drivers for it.

    Windows 2000 boots up fast. With all of the crap I have on my Server the system still boots up from hitting the power switch to a fully loaded windows in a little over seven seconds. Heres the specs,
  • My 2000P on 2GHz with 1GB RAM takes about 20Seconds to go from NTLDR to Login screen (THat's with crap disabled)

  • Must have a lot of crap in your registry. Just don't disable the services, remove them, also remove everything thats not used in the registry.
  • Ya, I'll do that someday when I REALLY want to fuck Windows.

  • I have a Seagate 7200rpm 9.1gb SCSI drive now, and I ran a couple of drive tests. The performance is about 8mb/sec. The drive should be faster, but my crappy Adaptec AHA-2910/AIC-7850 SCSI controller won't go any faster than 10mb/sec. The controller isn't able to boot, so I cannot install XP on it. I'm going to buy a faster SCSI controller which supports booting from SCSI, and than I'll post my results here.
  • I'm familiar with SCSI. I use both in WAKKO and possibly on YAKKO.

    Yes, SCSI can be picky. But if set up correctly, it can haul ass. One nice thing about SCSI is that it doesn't use your processor AT ALL. Not to mention they're up to 320mb/s now.

    Only thing that's creaming them is Serial ATA.
  • I tryed SATA, It was a bitch to get it working. I had to copy the SATA windows driver to a floppy and when I installed 2k I had to hit F6 and install the driver from there. Then after that I would have problems durring installation. I even tryed Windows 2003 and it seem to work a bit better but still unstable (Driver wise). I took the controller card back and got a diffrent one and that one worked fine.

    Have any of you seen thoses mobos from MSI that lets you have up to 8 IDE drives?

  • My MSI has integrated SATA and 4 IDEs.

  • Those are not extra IDE ports, It's an integrated RAID controller (It has a Promise RAID chip)
  • O, in that case I've got one of them.

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