Clipper 5.x

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Clipper 5.x

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  • What app was used to create these .img files? I have tried to burn them with ImgBurn and it says they are either unknown format or corrupt. The file size of the img file is 720k.

  • These images are not conventional CD / DVD images. They are floppy images to use in VMWare or other apps as a foppy image
  • I am installing Clipper 5.3 DOS version. Guessed there is error in disk #7. As I got: "Warning: file creation failed: c:\CLIP53\BIN\DBU.EXE, DBU.HLP, RL.EXE, PE.EXE".
    Although the installation completed but I cannot locate any files under c:\CLIP53\BIN. I guess quite a number of files have not been installed.
  • @JohnSF
    It installs fine for me without any errors in MS-DOS 5.0 in 86Box.
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    I downloaded and installed in DosboxX, everything installed just fine.
  • Hi jonirob & juksu, thank you for your advice. I am running DOXBox-X 2023.05.01 version and DOSBox 0.74-3 over Windows 11. I am using NanaZIP to extract files downloaded from this website. Unluckily for me, the same imcomplete result appeared. After installation, only three directories: LIB / NG / SOURCE are created; as well as 4 files under the directory C:\CLIP53 i.e. BLINKER.TXT, BLINKER.WRI, LLIGB.TXT and NATION.DOC. The most important directory BIN cannot be found.
    Should I use another UNZIP file (not NANAZIP) to extract DOS installation disk # 5/6/7/8 ?
  • Please read about Winworld's archive formats:


    You're not going to read that are you?

    Ok, to keep it short - use 7-ZIP to extract 7z files.

    You are then supposed to to point your emulator the the IMG files to use as floppy drive "A", or write the IMG files to a real floppy disk. Installers often WILL NOT WORK if you try to extract files from a floppy disk image.

    If you MUST extract files from a floppy disk image, use WINIMAGE. That is what it is designed for and is a trillion times more reliable than archive tools.
  • Hi SomeGuy, thank you for your advice. Apology that I had not read that very important document before raising so many questions.
    I will follow the instruction and report the result in due course.
  • Hi SomeGuy, I have used WinImage to extract files and then store the disk5/6/7/8 in different folders. I use DOSBox-X and map (a to c:\disk; c to c:\clip). I run install from A drive and use CTRL-F4 to switch between each disk. Unfortunately, I have got the same result as per my previous message.
    As the most accurate way, should I locate a floppy disk drive/use floppy disk to perform the installation ?
  • If your goal is to run in emulation, then it sounds like you may need a different emulator. Historically dosbox has had little to no support for floppy disk images and can not handle system level software since it was designed mostly to run games.
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