Trying to get Windows NT 3.51 working under VMware Workstation 15 Player

I've been trying to get Windows NT 3.51 working in VMware for a while now, but every single time I do it, no matter what I do, It always gets stuck on the screen that says "Microsoft (R) Windows NT (TM) Version 3.51 (Build 1057) 1 System Processor [393220 Kb Memory] MultiProcessor Kernel", no matter what I do. I've tried just about everything I've seen online and none of it helps at all. I've tried builds other than 1057, to no avail. I keep seeing that it's because it's a multiprocessor kernel, which doesn't make sense because I've used ones that don't say they're a multiprocessor kernel and it still didn't work, and I've used this multiprocessor kernel one on another virtual machine software, which doesn't support multiple processors or cores, on a computer that has only one processor and one core. I've seen that's it's because there is too much RAM, but I've put it down as far as 16MB, and it still gets stuck on the same screen.


  • Don't be concerned about the multiprocessor kernel, NT setup will always boot with it regardless of machine type and then install the kernel that your system will actually use for the OS itself.

  • I'm not concerned about the multiprocessor kernel, that's the part that I know isn't the problem, I just can't find out what is the problem.

  • @Qrani An alternative would be to install it in 86Box or PCem.

  • I have NT 3.51 on floppies and it installs perfectly on VirtualBox. Even I got High Resolution display! :D

  • OP did you ever find a solution? I'm working on my "lifelong" project of virtualizing every version of windows on my vmware esxi cluster with all drivers working and documenting it along the way to talk about what it took. even looking to get some sort of remote access going for all vms, only going back to WIN 3.1. Thanks in advance
  • Hello twanhines91,

    Re-create the VM through VMware, and set the hardware compatibility to v4 (or to the oldest possible). Newer versions of VMware emulate many PCI busses, which is incompatible with this version of NT.

    On another note, I'm interested to know more about that project of yours.
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    v6 was the best version of VMWare that can perfectly install old NTs. I just install it today with 1G ram.

    And, don’t forget to install NT by winnt /x . the installation will be very stable.
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