Nintendo Switch now the best-selling console in the world

Well, I heard my brother tell my dad that the Nintendo Switch is now the world's best-selling game console. A lot of people were buying them during the current pandemic, and at this point they are definitely hard to find. Toilet paper is not as hard to find as before, but now it is actually harder to find a Switch than toilet paper.

Why are all those people buying them? They have less of a sense of originality in their games than they used to. We're seeing re-releases of past Mario games originally for the Wii U on the 3DS and Switch in the past four years. I'm disappointed that there isn't a Mario Kart 9 or a New Super Mario Bros. Switch. Instead we're seeing Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe.


  • Maybe because you can bring them anywhere?
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    Ok, first of all, since everyone is staying home, gaming has become a pretty big hobby amongst them. People are probably buying those because they are a decent price for what you get, along with the fact that it's portable, like Koshgnintan said.

    Second, it takes time to make new games. I know this because I am working on a game myself (not to release, just as a time waster), and it takes a long time to script everything, make maps, make models, etc. Also, the Wii U failed as a console, and since the games didn't fail, they rereleased them so people could play them on the better console.
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