WordMaster, came before WordStar

I may have a working copy of WordMaster, the predecessor to WordStar. Version 1.07a from 1978 for Apple CP/M 2.x
This would be an interesting, and I think rare, early text editor since it did inspire MicroPro International to develop WordStar.


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    Apple CP/M? Great more software for my Apple ][ CP/M install! (even though I still need to find it in my archives) Please send it to WW.

  • I will put it in the list to be uploaded in the next few days ! I also have WordStar for Apple CP/M and perhaps something else ? Shall I make a list ?

  • WordStar as well? Please make a list!

  • I am so sorry ! Life got in my way !
    I will be more than happy to get to work on digging up that code for WW !
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