[OFFER] Microsoft Multiplan 1.00 IBM OEM

I have IBM OEM version of Microsoft Multiplan 1.00 my collection. I found this PCjs. Microsoft Multiplan 1.00 IBM OEM Version date 08-20-1982. It is earliest version Microsoft Multiplan for the IBM PC. This version have Copy Protection. This version a Program Disk and Tutorial Program Disk. Tutorial Program can run Microsoft Multiplan Help Files. Microsoft Multiplan created 1981 by Two Microsoft Employee Doug Klunder and Charles Simonyi. Microsoft Multiplan create to complete with VisiCorp VisiCalc and later Lotus 123. Microsoft Multiplan is Microsoft first Application.


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    Why not dump it by SCP or Kryoflux if you have original?
    (If no have SCP or Kryoflux, you could dump it by Teledisk or Snatchit + Copy II PC)

    I think you seem not to have this as original.
    This image is from PCjs not by yourself.

    P.S. This image is modified by IBM DOS system files.
    Also dumped image is bad dumped.

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    I said i found on PCjs. I do not have SCP or Kryoflux. Disk 1 is bad dumped. Post be 160 kb but have 48 kb.

  • You didn't even look at what you posted. The first disk is truncated a fourth of the way through because their webby emulator can't export copy protected disks as downloadable images.

  • I had similar problems before, where downloaded images didn't work due to copy protection. I e-mailed Jeff Parsons about it but got no reply.

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    I can't understand why you don't test images on real PC or emulator before offering.

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