Search isn't working properly for me

I'm looking for an alternate DOS shell and I tried to use the new search. No results. Used the advanced search. Still no results. What am I doing wrong?


  • What shell are you looking for? Exactly what term are you entering? Are you sure we have it? It might not find it if it is spelled differently.

    It does look like the advanced search option to search the description does not work. (BTW, the date search fields are all squished together).

    Of course, you can always search winworld by using most other search engines with the search prefixed by "".

  • My search term is "dos shell". I'm not looking for any one alternate DOS shell in particular.

  • Apologies, we're looking into it! Definitely clear that description search isn't working, fortunately that part is not complex so it's surely a quick fix.

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