Mac os vintage software burning issues

Hi there! Thanks for your consideration, I am trying to burn a bootable Mac os for my iBook G3 tangerine using my MacBook Air running Catalina...all files I tried to download and burn (Iso, dmg, toast) from all over vintage software sites are either giving "no mountable file systems" when i try to open them or "the disk image is invalid" if i try to burn them, with Burn I managed to waste one CDr with no results...I have been stranded on the possibility of a issue between HFS (the files) and APFS ( my HD)...anyone else had the same issues? Thanks again for your help...!


  • You should consider getting a few CD-RWs. Saves lots of headaches.

    Most the the ISOs on this site are tested with ImgBurn on Windows. Specifically which ones have you tried? The ones marked as (HD Image) are usually only usable in emulators.

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