No return button of some sort from forums to library.

I have not seen a button or link or something like that in the forums that takes you back to the page. So there is a way to get from to but no way to get from the forums to the regular page. I end up just deleting the forum. from the search but it still would be nice to have a button/hyperlink/something else that takes you back to the normal page.


  • As I'm not an admin, I can't be 100% sure that this is correct, but this seems like it might be a Vanilla limitation. If this is the case, the admins likely have little to no control over it.
  • Right, we can't customize the blue bar at the top of the page.

    But there should be a grey "global message" toward the top on all forum pages that reads "Forum Rules - Formats - Spotlights - Home - Library - New Additions ". Does anyone not see that?

    (I believe this topic was created before that message was changed)
  • Yeah actually the blue bar appeared like a day after I posted this.
  • How long has that been there? I never noticed it before now.
  • It has been there a couple of months. There had been an outdated "Welcome to the new Winworld" message there, and it seemed like a good place to put links to the rules and stuff.
  • The first five links on the bar work fine but "New Additions" just displays what looks like unprocessed html code.
  • Yep, it only displays a HTML code.

  • It's an RSS feed.
  • edited September 2020
    That's an RSS Feed, you need an RSS Reader for it to work.
    Something like this:
  • Thanks. Now working great.
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