Searching for Text Adventure Game

Hello! I have been searching for a particular text adventure game for my entire adult life, and I'm wondering if this group can help me out (please remove this post if this is not permitted).

I last played it in the mid/late 90's. It was a QBasic text adventure game (no graphics) and the file name was ADVENT.BAS or possibly ADVENTUR.BAS (most likely the former). It had a mechanic where if you discovered treasure in one direction, if you went back that same direction/same location on the map, you would die. This was also explained in the introduction/instruction of the text adventure. I believe that the final boss was a wizard or something similar, and you had to have a specific item (chicken nuggets?) to kill him and win the game.

Colossal Cave has previously been indicated as a potential solution, but I have been through several versions, and it is not Colossal Cave (unfortunately).

Many thanks in advance.


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