Workgroup Add-On 1.x

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imageWorkgroup Add-On 1.x

The Microsoft Workgroup Add-On for MS-DOS is the easy way to connect users of MS-DOS to networks based on Microsoft windows. Now you can share documents, messages, and printers among PCs running MS-DOS and connect to Windows-based PCs too. It could be just what you need to make the most of older PPCs and start networking.

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  • this has a Missing "OEM Driver Disk" if you have one, please post it here
  • I believe that OEM driver disk is just your LAN adapter driver disk. When selling OEM versions of the Workgroup Addon, they may have put it into the package, otherwise should have been external.
  • LMAO, it already asked my LAN Adapter Disk then why it didn't worked when i inserted the Driver Disk?
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    You must have a floppy with the DOS driver for your LAN card, which means you're going to be using or emulating a really old LAN card like a 3Com 3C509. DOS drivers were included on the diskette that came with LAN cards back then. There is no driver disk that came with this product if I recall correctly. And once installed, the multiple drivers that must be run eat up a good amount of memory - memmaker doesn't really fix it. I used to install this product all the time and we just simplified life by ensuring all systems had 3Com 3C509 cards installed in them. This really was a poorly written set of drivers for DOS.
  • For the memory issue try QEMM helped me a lot. That was the very last DOS version. If you're spinning up a DOS VM on Virtualbox you need the PCNET LAN adapter/network card driver, the key file being PCNTND.DOS plus one or two supporting files (INI file must be one of them). I have seen variations of packages but they should all work as long as that filename is included. The MS app should take care of initializing it I believe.
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