Hard Disk Wipe Utility


Are there any disk utilities that you can recommend that would completely zero-out either a hard drive or floppy drive?




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    What vintage of hard drive?

    For "modern" stuff, a bootable Linux CD running "dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda" (make sure you have the right destination device). There is a custom CD called Darik's Boot and Nuke/ DBAN, that does the same thing, but never tried it.

    There was also DOS a tool called "HDDErase" that would invoke a "modern" hard drive's firmware secure erase functionality. The idea is that ensures erasure of any bad/spare sectors.

    For IDE drives under 127GB, the DOS based MAXLLF formatter does a good job wiping drives.

    For MFM/RLL hard drives, use SpeedStor to perform a low level format or destructive media test.

    For floppy disks consider a bulk eraser. But note that some other forms of removable media should not be bulk erased as it might render the media unusable.

  • All the drives would be IDE. No MFM. How would I manage to get ahold of HDDErase or MAXLLF?
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