how does use use ipfs?

How does one use ipfs?


  • Very easy to download and install but the support is very poor. I gave up and uninstalled both the app and the Firefox Desktop add-on to accompany it. I'm sure its easy to use if you know what you are doing but for the novice concerned about the security risks its probably not a good idea to install until you are sure your personal data is not at risk.
  • No idea, I installed the IPFS client, then the 'helper' pluggin. I see it by the address bar, but all the downloads say I don't have it installed.

    I tried linking one directly (by stripping the cloudflare bit) and it's just hanging...
  • Let me follow up, 42 minutes after I tried to get the file, it suddenly retrieved. 53Mb/sec too! Of course you have to wait some 40+ minutes for the transfer to start.
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