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Hi all, I am not fluent in the inner workings of software. I've been trying to get my mother her favorite program back for years, and found it here. The Print Shop Deluxe 6.0 ( I mounted the ISO and clicked install, I'm getting an error stating:

The program or feature ".....\SETUP\IS_SETUP.EXE" cannot start or run due to incompatibility with 64-bit versions of Windows. Please contact the software vendor to ask if a 64-bit Windows compatible version is available.

I checked the 'Properties - Compatibility - Compatibility Mode' and changed it to all of the different options, as well as ran the troubleshooter. Nothing. Assuming it was because it must be a 32-bit program, I looked up how to allow her computer to install it, though she is 64-bit. I got to the IIS Manager and "Enable 32-Bit Applications = True" and I'm still getting nothing.

She lost the discs years ago, she purchased newer software but struggled to use it. I haven't been able to find it for years. Can anyone help me get this running?

Please and thank you!


  • The program might be a 32 bit program, but the installer has to be 16 bit for that error message to happen. 16 bit software doesn't work on 64 bit windows , so it will probably never work.
  • Of course, that would all run fine on Windows 10-32bit.

    I thought Windows 10-64bit knew how to work around install shield, but whatever.

    This is an Installshield 3 setup program. It uses the 16-bit loader stub to launch non-x86 versions of the setup program, as all other NT architectures at the time had a Windows 3.x 16-bit emulation layer.

    To work around this, copy the contents of the CD to a folder on the hard drive. Download the IS3 engine file from here: . Copy the contents in to the Setup folder inside the CD folder. Then run SETUP32.EXE.

    Have not fully tested that, but it should run the setup.
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    Windows x64 only has a replacement launcher for InstallShield 5. But your installshield 3 stub works for Vistapro 4.1's installer.
  • @SomeGuy
    Copied and pasted it into the folder error comes up:

    "Setup requires _SETUP.DLL and _ISRES.DLL (located in the _SETUP.LIB) in order to operate properly. Please ensure these files are located with SETUP.EXE."

    I copied and pasted everything I extracted from that folder. Do I need to find this file too?

    I don't know what this means.
  • @michaelweaser
    If I got her on 32 bit windows, would that work?
  • @arisser Yes it should work on 32 bit windows fine, even on 32 bit windows 10 once NTVDM is enabled which is the 16 bit emulation that has been disabled on 32 bit windows since windows 10. What Someguy says you need to do should work , might need a little bit more work to get working on 64 bit.
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    "Setup requires _SETUP.DLL and _ISRES.DLL (located in the _SETUP.LIB) in order to operate properly. Please ensure these files are located with SETUP.EXE."

    Then you put it in the wrong folder. The Setup folder on that CD contains those files.
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    I don't know what this means.

    When MS introduced 64 bit Windows, they bundled many 32 bit substitutes for 16 bit installers, including InstallShield 5.

    But they left out a replacement for the 16 bit InstallShield 3 engine which was used by many installers for early 32 bit programs. Since this substitute exists, I'm not sure why MS left it out. Anything to make the transition from 32 to 64 bit harder.

    And it does work on another program that uses a 16 bit InstallShield 3 installer, the aformentioned Vistapro 4.1.
  • @SomeGuy
    Thank you so much! I have it up and running! I would love to buy you guys beers for that. Truly cannot thank you enough!
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