Request: Mirai and Nendo



  • man that looks really really good!
    i wonder how much time it took him
    also bryce that's something i haven't heard in a long long time
    while I'm not sure if there's any version differences but i remember using bryce 7 back in 2013 sadly i don't think i have my old files anymore
    but it doesn't seem to be used that much besides people making lazy renders from just taking the assets that are already included like a tree or rock model slapping a filter on it and calling it art which in reality its the bare minimum

    also i can understand making something only on one version that you most feel comfortable with
    making it fun and not a chore to make something

    your BiBeast looks great! :D
    there's just something about old pc graphics that i just like sort of stuff you don't see today everyone uses filters with unity to emulate the old pc graphics but it doesn't have the same feel

    welp good news i appear to be one of their targeted audience
    also if its close to nendo then it should feel right at home!

    its all good
    thank you very very much for both your time and uploads not to mention all the knowledge you shared I'm really thankful! :D
  • No Problemo...Yeah many poor Brycers out there but some do great work...Using true ambience, HDRI & REALLY digging into the Deep Texture Editor Bryce actually much better for object & product rendering...

    GO HERE-

    All his stuff real good but the 'Objects' category really shows off what Bryce can do....
  • now this is the type of stuff i would expect to be made with Bryce not just a random rock or tree with some random filter trying to make it into an aesthetic
    thank you very much for the link!
    i plan on using it for reference to see what i can make!
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