[Request] Dataware CD Author/CD Answer, Docuware for Win3.1, MS Multimedia Viewer Toolkit

I can't find much of anything about these applications...I've been looking for these programs for a while, and there is virtually zero online about them except for a few news and magazine articles. If anyone has these programs and can supply a link to download them it'd be appreciated.

Docuware 3.0 for Win3.1, or 4.0 for Win95 - document management/archiving tool.

Dataware CD Author (and it's viewer half, CD Answer), DOS versions. These were used for building CD-based databases of information. Many early reference CDs used this product.

Microsoft Multimedia Viewer Toolkit - This was a microsoft toolkit for creating interactive content in .MVB file format. The viewer program MVIEWER2.EXE is easily found. I'm looking for the creation toolkit.
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