[OFFER] Epyx Home Video Producer

Home Video Producer (Epyx) (1988)
DISK IMAGE (1ct 3.5"): https://archive.org/download/HomeVideoProducerEpyx1988/HomeVideoProducerEpyx1988.disk1of1.img
MANUAL SCAN: https://archive.org/download/HomeVideoProducerInstructionManual/Home_Video_Producer_Instruction_Manual.pdf
FLOPPY LABEL, BOX SCANS etc.: to be done
Home video titler for the IBM PC and compatibles.


  • I also have package of it. Thanks for sharing rare Video utility by EPYX.
  • Here are those box scans and floppy label scans I promised a while ago: download
    Sorry about the lateness, life got in the way...
  • Thanks a lot. I'm pleased to see 3.5" package photo.
  • I know, right? Gotta love that "HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAREN" with the composite artifacting.

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