[request] old LabView (for win9x) or LabWindows (DOS/9x)

Hi there,

recently I got some self-built measurement hardware from a relative. It was designed to record the curves of transistors, diodes, etc using 2x 8051 chips, external DAC and ADC, ...

Sadly the box was in his basement the last 30 years and there were a few times where water came into the basement.
All the handwritten notes are not longer readable (almost every sheet is just grey where text was...) and the floppy disks are dead also.

The board is working after cleaning it, we made a big success in freshing up his memories about the communication protocol and now I am about to write new software to use it.

He told me about having LabWindows at work but not at home when he built it. Instead he used GFA-BASIC back then.

GFA Basic is still around on the internet, this was easy.
Now I am searching for LabView for Win9x or LabWindows for DOS or Win9x.

The computer I want to use is a Pentium 2, 300MHz/256MB RAM.

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