Windows 10 just screwed me up

Windows 10 1903 just forced some updates on me today and now it won't output sound as a result of this update. It looks like a forced update broke my sound driver (there was also one other issue I also experienced today when I logged on, that somehow only happened basically once and then went away). Sound was working until the OS rebooted itself, as a result of the updates Microsoft forced on me.

Microsoft can't be trusted anymore.

If anyone knows of a fix, please help me.

I am using a Lenovo Ideacentre 330-20AST.


  • Press Win(Start)+x and click on Device Manager. Find your sound device and right click on it. It should give you the option to disable the device. Disable it and re-enable it by right clicking on it and selecting Enable Device. If you cannot find your sound device, right click on a blank spot and choose Scan for hardware changes.... It should now show up.

    Hope this helped. If not I'm afraid that you'll have to find another driver for it(it sucks).
  • And welcome to the club of people who don't like (profanity)ing Nadella's practices.

    Hence why I prefer Win8.1/Server2012R2 on my production machine with Soundblaster AE-9. So many people salty with Creative about driver problems when those consumers are too oblivous to see Microsoft messing things up and not telling anybody until the last minute.

    I have yet to experience any of the issues users face with this hardware on Windows 10.

    Uninstall the driver using Device Manager, make sure to tick "delete software for this device" on the next prompt. Then install the working drivers from your manufacturer. Rinse and repeat every time this garbage happens. That is until Microsoft decides to unnecessarily rewrite the sound system again and not tell anybody.
  • What edition of Windows 10 do you use? With Pro you can hold back updates, while Home can only 'pause' them for a few days.
  • Thats Why I Use Linux...
  • best practice is to disconnect your production hardware from the internet, that way it never forces updates on you.
  • Yes, it's annoying. There is a little "recycle bin" icon on your taskbar, that means updates. Most people, and me ignore it. But after some time, it start's "Working on updates".
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