[Request] Microsoft Streets & Trips 2007

If anyone has Microsoft Streets & Trips 2007 I request you to please upload it as it is abandonware now. On Windows 10 64-bit, I tried later and earlier versions but they have all some issue. Streets & Trips 2004 and Streets & Trips 2006 do not run - they both install but just hang at the splash screen. Apparently there is some bug with modern x86 CPUs which have Advanced Vector Instructions (AVX).

Later versions including the one with the UI overhaul, Streets & Trips 2009 removed a lot of pushpins making them useless. Also, all versions starting with 2008 have activation which is no longer possible as the product is discontinued so you get nags about activating. The last version, Streets & Trips 2013 was absolutely horrid and ugly with all toolbar icons monochrome due to Microsoft's obsession then with Metro UI.

Streets & Trips 2007 came out at the same time as Vista so it is likely to be compatible with Vista, Windows 10, UAC etc (and is also the last version for Windows 2000, drops support for Windows 9x), vs earlier versions which targeted Windows 9x so they probably had legacy code, incompatibilities.

And of course, S&T 2007 is also the last version without activation, so if anyone has it...


  • Not sure if it is abandonware though
  • It isn't? It's 13 year old version of a program discontinued now in favor of continuously updated web maps. 😀
  • Hello friend,

    Please find your desired thingy here:


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    Thank you friend! Much appreciated. It works fine 👍🏼 with Full install option and Run as administrator for the actual app EXE 👍🏼 (but not XP compatibility mode, since it is already Vista-7-8.1-10 compatible). XP compatibility mode will hang it at splash screen. Just FYI for anyone wanting to install it.

    If I do a Minimal installation, it asks to insert the CD even if the CD is mounted by Explorer. Do you know why? Maybe it's because of the CD label of the ISO? I've seen versions of S&T looking for specific volume labels of CDs to identify the disc. Also some versions need the Autorun.inf from Disc 2 if it is a 2-CD set.

    Update: Found the problem. I snooped around in the Registry. Minimal installation/Run from CD only works if the ISO/CD volume label is: ST_2007. I updated the ISO to change the label and now it works. It saves disk space since the ISO is going to be on my SSD anyway so it's better to do minimal installation & mount it instead of full install.
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