[OFFER] bootable Windows 95 RTM CD ISO


I have a windows 95 bootable ISO of the RTM version.
If it is needed I will gladly sand it over.


  • Well, I think you seem not to understand that Windows 95 RTM is Not bootable.
    Microsoft released Windows 95 with Floppy or CD (Upgrade), CD (OEM),
    But there is no bootable on ISO.

    Windows 98 (OEM) began to support bootable ISO.
  • In that case my ISO is not official. Oh well.
  • actually, Windows 95 CDs with Floppy were also released to start the installation.
    Just integrate the Floppy to the CD and it becomes a Bootable CD ...
    Nowadays it doesn't make sense to have official Windows 95 ... if you have to do everything on the command line to install them.
    better to create a floppy with Driver CD-ROM and integrate it on the CD
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