Windows Alpha working on VMware Player in MS-DOS 5. :D (With hard-disk download!)

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Here's proof:

Oops, forgot the DOS pictures. Here:

I'll leave a download link to the VM hard-disk, here's it:
I'm pretty sure you can boot it. Yes, you can. It has MS-DOS 5 pre-installed.
Here's my luck for DR5.

- Hey, the DMAAD message can be bypassed. Yes I am right, you can get a working copy of Windows Alpha on your VM. - -- - The hard-disk work's on every emulator that supports VGA and, .vmdk files.
- There is a official release of Windows 1.01, and there is a Beta release, a Alpha release, and a Premiere Edition.
- All have PS/2 mice support.


  • Note: the DMAAD message can be bypassed. Like it ONLY can be bypassed.
  • You can already run every Windows 1.0x version on MS-DOS 5 or lower. Who said it is not possible?
  • If I recall correctly, Windows does check if you are using MS-DOS 5 or above so I'd say just use MS-DOS 2.x or 3.x and they work really well. The check for MS-DOS 5 and above can be bypassed with SETVER but Alpha Release and DR5 shouldn't be affected.
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