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Found some recovered files in Windows 1.0 Alpha
Here, I tried UNDELETE utility, but as you know:

It failed. I used the RECOVER utility, as you know it:

I recovered the files that could be recovered.
The IDK files are files that can be ran, but doesn't show the real name of the program, or straight up doesn't run at all using MS-DOS. They might be Windows applications.
I found a Windows application (it's IDK6.EXE). It shows "This program requires Microsoft Windows."

I'm going to fire up my Windows Alpha machine and try to open these files.

This may be news, but if it's not, move it to software

Someone please give me a fixed version of this that has all the file names recorrected.
Download link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/bc962ihlwmzua58/Disk04.img/file

If you see 2020 dates, they are wrong, since I used the RECOVER utility, puts it in a .REC format, and make's the file date the current file date.

Well, the IDK6.EXE doesn't work on Windows Alpha; maybe a earlier verison. It just says "This program requires Microsoft Windows" when ran on Windows 1.01. I think the only purpose is to display that; still useful tho for recovering purposes.


  • Yea; the only purpose it serves is showing that message.

  • Do you know what you are doing? Alpha Release's disk 4 used to be a Microsoft C Compiler disk and all of its content got deleted and overwritten by Windows files. You will see some C Compiler leftovers in the root directory and slack space but no files are recoverable.

    The files you have recovered are just Windows 1.0 Alpha Release files and nothing more. Get Alpha Release's disk 4 and compare it to the disk image you uploaded in a hex editor and you'll notice you only changed some entries in the root directory and wiped out others.

    The entire root directory got filled with E5h and all files you 'recovered' ends at cluster boundaries so I suspect you ran UNDELETE or SCANDISK on a corrupted disk. Grab the actual disk and you'll notice none of those deleted files are recoverable - because they all got overwritten.

    The IDK6.EXE is the DOS stub for NEs. I don't think you know how application development for early Windows worked. You first need to have a C compiler to compile your source code into object files, then you link the object files with an object linker (LINK4X.EXE). The linker links your compiled object to those libraries provided on disk 4 and some standard Microsoft C Compiler libraries to create a Windows executable (NE). It then adds a stub DOS application to the linked executable so it won't hang your machine if accidentally ran under DOS.

    I strongly suggest you learn the FAT filesystem before attempting to recover anything in the future.
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