Date glitch (like the YouTube video being uploaded in 1969 glitch)

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I was scrolling to the oldest discussion, the year 2004. It shows this:

Note: original date was April 2004, shows it correctly when large-viewing the discussion


  • It is probable that this was already present in the old forum. The original PHPBB board database had some corruption issues early on.
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    Well, I didn't see the old forum.
  • Most Unix-like OSes default the clock to December 31, 1969. Why? I'm not quite sure.

    SomeGuy: I saw something like that on mozillaZine, but they still use phpBB.
  • That's very weird.
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    Unix Epoch time counts up from 00:00 (12 AM) GMT on January 1, 1970. The proper edit date was likely lost at some point, so the forum just defaulted to that.

    Since the forums use a time zone that's behind GMT, the date is displayed as December 31, 1969.
  • @msdos6000
    to see the forum post go to the last page of hardware section
    btw, and apparently the second forum post there has the same glitch
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