GEOS/GeoWorks 1.x

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imageGEOS/GeoWorks 1.x

GeoWorks is a graphical environment and application suite for DOS. GEOS for the IBM PC (PC/GEOS) was a huge advancement over the earlier-8 bit Apple II and Commodore 64 GEOS products. Although the PC versions runs on top of DOS, it is sometimes considered an Operating System. Notably, PC/GEOS was used as a graphical runtime for the America Online DOS client. The GeoWorks suites include the applications GeoWrite, GeoDraw, GeoManager, GeoPlanner, GeoDex, and GeoComm. GeoWorks later became NewDeal Office and then Breadbox Ensemble.

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  • Thanks for this! I'd completely forgotten about GeoWorks until I saw a video on YouTube recently. Brings back memories. Seems like it wasn't that popular, if it's only had a handful of downloads...
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