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imageWordStar 7

WordStar, originally from MicroPro, was a popular word processor during the early 80s. It was ported to a number of CP/M architectures as well as Unix and PC/MS-DOS. It competed directly against many word processors, including WordPerfect, Microsoft Word for DOS, and Multimate. By the late 80s most business word processing had moved to WordPerfect. In the early 90s, Microsoft Word for Windows took over.

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    Does anyone have MailMerge and SpellStar for WordStar 7.0D? Maybe it's there, please advise!
  • It's there, got WordStar 7.0D working on Windows 10 Pro x64. Thanks for the links, my installation diskettes are corrupt, glad to find this! Have used WordStar since the CP/M days, and ecstatic to get it back running!
  • WordStar 7.0 does not use SpellStar as its spelling program. It uses its own built in spelling and thesaurus. I think SpellStar was replaced by CorrectStar sometime in the 3.x era.
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