How do you type A: in MS-DOS?

Hello! I'm a newbie at MS-DOS. I tried to Install Windows 3.1, but when i tried to time A: in commands, it came as "A?" how do you type A: in DOS?


  • I have two questions to ask first:
    Are you in a virtual machine or on real hardware?
    What's your keyboard layout?
  • It depends of the Keyboard layout you're using. If you are using MS-DOS 4 and late, there should be a option in the setup that let's you choose a keyboard from your language.
  • A alt-0-5-8 =a:
    Sometimes the important DOS keys are on key 102, which is not on a 101 keyboard. An example is the UK keyboard, where the 102 key has \ and | on it.
  • Look at a picture of a us keyboard then you know where to press.
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