[Offer] Microsoft Word for DOS 1.0 + Mouse 1.0 !



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    Try 86box, it accepts more complex formats, maybe it could accept SCP.
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    Here's the archive with slightly corrected copy of MS Word 1.0 - copy protection counter has been reset. Now MWCOPY can create a working floppy copy again, as well as a HDD copy.

    I include two image types: SCP (can be written back to real floppies and tested on a real hardware) and 86F (can be used with 86box or Varcem emulators):

    The current PCE version cannot re-create a floppy copy properly due to the current FDC design. It's author knows about the problem that will require to reimplement the PCE FDC emulation to make it work.

    Also there are few deleted files in a free space of Mouse disk. Some are really interesting, i.e. emulate.com and 123.key. Seems like it's an early prototype of the program that later turned into MENU utility distributed on MS Mouse disks.

    p.s. If you run a hard disk copy on PCE / 86box / Varcem, use DTC MFM HDD controller, cause Word's copy protection conflicts with the one from IBM and it just hangs the application.

    p.p.s Since we don't know original listings, I'm not sure whether mouse drivers should be on the Program disk too or they were on the Mouse disk only.
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