[Offer] Microsoft Access Business Information Access Program 1.00

This version is copy protected, how should I dump it using SCP ?


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    I think you can dump it by SCP with Track 0/0 ~ Track 41/1, Splice Mode just link MS Word 1.00.

    WinWorld has version 1.01 of it.


    I hope you to dump disk 1 (copy protected) as twice if possible.
  • Splice mode is mainly for Mac/Apple II/Atari disks that are not index aligned.

    I believe the copy protection is about the same as Microsoft Word 1.x for DOS.
  • Indeed splice mode is not required. All PC disks can be successfully imaged using Index mode.
  • This is copy mode from SCP's manual.

    The Copy Mode is the method that will be used to copy or image a disk.
    INDEX - uses the index pulse to capture a single revolution. Most all
    commercially produced disks can be copied/imaged using this copy mode.

    SPLICE - uses an intelligent method to determine where the track start/stop
    is located. When imaging a disk, you can choose the number of revolutions
    to capture. This handy for 3rd party programs that analyze the disk format
    and create image files from the raw flux image. This copy mode is
    substantially slower, but provides a solution for tracks that were not written
    using the index mark when created.

    Normal Index has no problem to copy/dump IBM disks.
    But I'm dumping copy protected disks with Splice than Index.
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    Thanks very much for offer the rare version 1.00.

    There seem to be untouched and worked on PCE or real DOS PC well.
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    You’re welcome. Yes it comes from a shrink wrapped version, so it’s untouched.
  • Very nice, thanks. I've been too busy this weekend to look at it yet. So much to do, so little time.
  • No problem at all, it’s not like there’s an emergency 😊.
  • @ibmpc5150 will the software (and some others I uploadede) be made available in the main Library ? Because the links I provided have expired and people cannot doload the software anymore.
  • Yes, I'll add that to the library. I'm way, way behind right now, and I do need to check a few things on the SCP images before I post them.
  • Thanks ! And next time I’ll use Mega for the links, as it seems that some others are using it. They last longer.
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