(Offer) Visual Basic 6.0 Pro Edition (3CD) (Spanish)

Among my old CDs I found this little gem not easy to find, since I have searched the WEB and I only found versions of two CDs.

The one I just uploaded to MEGA is 3CD and includes the "MSDN Library" and more than 400MB of samples.

The ISOs are perfectly ripped and compressed with 7-Zip they are about 982MB.

Due to my poor upload bandwidth, I split the file into 11 parts and added a "Batch File" so they can be joined.

I hope it helps someone.

MEGA Folder:

Key: pY4ngBaJbm3nlzYpw7dZGw



  • Sorry, I forgot the "License" key that can be used for install the product: 112 - 1111111
  • edited August 28
    Nice. Thank you for uploading these.

    Edit: Oh and could you upload artwork of the CDs so we can see them?
  • Hello, despite having bought those CDs about 20 years ago, they were copies, NOT Originals.

    Attention, they are copies, but in perfect condition and unmodified and the ISOs uploaded are exactly as it was when I bought the CDs. If I had the Originals I would have scanned the covers without problems.

  • Oh ok. Thanks anyways, they worked fine. ;)
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