Your Childhood Games?

Talk here about your childhood games. Flash Player, CD, Floppy Diskettes. Any game. If you want to know what were my childhood games, well. Here ya go!

Boxheaded: Flash Game -
Boxheaded Players Package: Flash Game -
Prose and Motion: Flash Game -
E-Motion: Flash Game -
Microsoft 3D Movie Maker: CD Game -
Real World: Flash Game -
Red Remover: Flash Game -
Papa's Gamerias: Flash Games - Can be found at:
Drag and Shoot: Flash Game -

Those were the games that I played a lot on my childhood times.
I also wish that some of these games were remade. Especially Real World and Boxheaded.
Most of the games I played could be found on, which is now a dead site. I'll bring here some details if you found it:

- Has a green background
- Has a 3D Pac-Man as a logo.

These are the only things I remember, It might be archived at Wayback Machine. However I couldn't find what I wanted. Maybe you could find it? If you found it I would be insanely thankful for that. :smile:


  • Eh, I remember my first connsel, I blew up a 360 and i liked sonic so i got a Sega Genisess my first game was Jrrastic rampage edition after a while i got sonic 2 and bested it. after a while my collection grew, after a while i got a PS3 and my sis had me play Fallout 3. Man, I enjoyed than one alot.
  • I have played lots of games in my childhood. I can remember only a few of them right now 'snake master and cherry monkey' were one of them.
  • I'm probably too old, but my childhood toys were cars, board games and a railroad. Remember when I got PS I was very happy. Those were happy times.
  • Childhood games were mostly DOS games. Ken's Labyrinth, Hocus Pocus, Spear of Destiny, Jill of the Jungle, Secret Agent Man, World Empire and Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure are a few that I can remember. If we extend childhood to include early teen years, we could add Lighthouse to that list and Pac Guy.
  • Blast Thru, Lego Creator, Impossible Creatures and Petz 4 defined my childhood.
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    Games that shaped my early memories of gaming as a kid and i guess the most rememberable. 90s kid.

    First console i owned SEGA Master System

    - Alex the kid
    - Sonic the Hedgehog
    - Wonderboy

    other games
    - Mario
    - Doom
    - Quake,Spear of Destiny, Duke Nukem, Serious Sam, Blood etc all those FPS type game that were in mass amounts back then.
    - XCOM UFO: Enemy Unknown 1994
    - Prince of Persia
    - Duke Nukem the dos side scroller ones
    - Commander Keen
    - Worms
    - Fighting games like street fighter there was mass amounts of fighting game cabs back in the 90s and there was lots of bootleg cabs too because copying fighting cabs was common.
  • I honestly have no idea how this website has been up for so long, but my brother and I always used to play flash games on via our crappy old HP NX9110.

    Never played much else.
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