My downloads are always invalid

I just found out about this website today, i just clicked on a random OS to download and went to the download, i went to download something for it on the same website, but the link didn't work, it says the download ID is invalid.

I just ignored it and downloaded something else but it had the same problem for both links.

I also checked my IP, it doesn't match up, which is pretty much the main problem.

How do i fix this now?Do i need to change my IP?just wait until i go back to another country and my IP might be correct there?


  • If your ISP is constantly changing your IP address, then your ISP is really, really badly screwed up and you should look in to getting a real ISP. Changing addresses constantly can cause serious problems in general.

    In the past, some people have reported that using a different web browser may yield different results, but I have no idea why that would be the case.
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