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2 months or so since the original request by Yuds2003 but we finally got it. Dumped and scanned and everything by BetaArchive user os2fan2. http://www.os2fan2.com/files/pc5001.zip


  • in spite of "ibmpc5150" who wanted the "exclusivity" ... who knows why ... an operating system absolutely not rare, strange that no one had published it until now ... maybe because nobody cares (or almost)
  • I still wonder why nobody cared about it, and why ibmpc5150 tried to hide it from us. It's not that rare, I mean we saw a bunch of them in eBay, 2 of which os2fan2 got.
  • There are boat loads of software titles and minor revision that have not been archived, and most probably never will be. Commonly something may seem unimportant until some historical detail is brought up, and then it may be important to someone. First revision to have x feature, last version to have y compatibility, previously forgotten revision that fixes z bug.

    Indeed, only a few people care about such things, and fewer yet have both the money to buy stuff and the time to archive it.

    It is always good when some additional revision gets archived, but much stuff gets passed up.
  • Oh, that's right and sad at the same time. This one for example as Yuds2003 said is the first release to come out after the Microsoft-IBM separation.
  • But I read some reports that said the separation happened as late as September 1993.
  • The thing in 1992 allowed IBM to enter the retail market. This is why we see pcdos 5.00.1 as a retail box (it's IBM's second retail attempt.), IBM still had access to MS-DOS code as far as september 1993.

    In the PCDOS 6.00 beta, we see MSD 2.01. This was made available in the MS-DOS 6.0 source code, which IBM got. IBM wasn't willing to pay the separate licence fee for QBASIC, so they polished off E (there is an early version of E on WinWorld),

    PCDOS 6.3 was released just before 1993/09, but I have a version released just after as well. The mouse is changed to the 8,20 mouse, and a smartdrv is patched, but little else.
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    @os2fan2, can you upload the second version of 6.30?
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    I put the versions of DOS 5.00 on hand on the rollers to see what can be seen. It works out there are essentially 5 different points one can take.

    0. This is the initial release for the IBM pc, with romdos dependencies.
    1. The dos with updates to 91.05.09, represented by EIU/Dos5 disk 0 in front of release 0.
    2. The release level at 92.05.28, represented by 5.00.1
    3. The release level of 5.02
    4. The release level of 37378

    #3 and #4 diverge at #2, there is a second attempt to bind romdos to basica (#0 is first, both unsuccessful),
    #2 differs from 5.00.1, in a very small number of files having copyright dates 1991-1992 in place of 1991-1991.
    #1 is the source of OS/2 DOS, qbasic.exe is different in in all versions except #2 = #3.
    Mouse.com exists in 5.00. 5.00.1 (7.04) and 5.02 (8.20). EMM386 was updated during the run deom 4.20 to 4.33, himem.sys from 2.77 to 2.78 This same mouse driver is in IBM windows, and in DOS 6.x, (inc the 6.30 preload), but a different compile is for dos 7 and 7.01
    Edit.com appears in 92.02.28, but is identical to before and after versions.
  • So the May 9, 1991 version is not the original?
  • 91.05.08 is the initial release. The EIU utility has a small number of patches up to 91.11.29, but not all of them. This is the first DOS that runs on a non-IBM clone. The DOS of 92.02.28 is the first retail DOS, is some versions later.

    I managed to find a copy of UR35033, which has an XCOPY overwritten in 91,11,29. It's in a CSD extract that has only the first two corrections, at vetusware 'fixdos5'. So the working set has now all the published files and revisions.

    I'm working on a set of 'dos addins', which has versions of all of the last DOS stuff. So we have the basica programs from DOS 3.00 (which were dropped in 3.10 except mortgage, which was updated to 3.40), the qbasic set, some DOS 6 utilities, and some dos 7,1 stuff, SI over DOS 7.00.1

    The manual copy of all of the fixes over 5,00 base, gives a working upgrade install, of the final form of DOS 5.00.
  • It's all confusing.
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