[OFFER] Microsoft Golf Version 2.0 CD ISO

I have the CD version of Microsoft Golf 2.0 available if you want it.


  • Not a lot of Golfers here I suppose.
  • Hello!!

    I am "Golfer", I started back in the mid 90's with my first PC. There the "Microsoft Golf 3.0" TRIAL version came pre-installed. I only had three holes, but over time we got a FULL copy and then I bought the "courses", I switched to the "LINKS LS 2000" and then to the 2003 version. Currently I have it installed with more than 200 "courses", most of them FREE, but as for Microsoft, I have ALL their "courses", some in 2003 version and some old converted.

    If you need some "course" of Microsoft Officials difficult to get in some cases, let me know and I can upload it without problems.

    A greeting!!
  • @CarlosAM I would love to have all those courses

    I finally hosted the file.

  • Hello!!

    I prepared a TXT (from my files) with a few links to download. I pass it on privately because they are not my uploads, but they are downloads that I have done over time and that I have proven that they work perfectly.

    The IDEAL is to use "LINKS 2003" which is the one that I still use and it works very well.

    It is also IDEAL that all courses were "CRZ" and not converted, but in some cases, given the impossibility of having Original CRZ files, inevitably you have to convert them from old formats that do not have the optimum quality.

    I hope it helps you, you have to entertain yourself for a long time with the downloads!!!.

  • Hi CarlosAM. I would like those Links converted courses too. Links 2003 is the only one that still runs on Windows 10 with hardware acceleration. I could get Links 2001 to run but with software rendering, and could also get Golf 2.0 Multimedia CD edition, Golf 3.0, Golf 1998 and Golf 1999 editions running perfectly in Windows 10 (with the help of some DDraw wrappers).

    Of course, Golf 1999 and 1999 are entirely different games made by Friendly Software, not made by Access Software. The other ones made by Access Software that I owned - Links LS 2000 3-CD version, LS 2000 Classic (which is 2 CD LS 2000), LS 98/99, and Golf 2001 are all broken now so it would be nice to have their courses converted to Links 2003.

    I do have the Arnold Palmer Course Converter but didn't convert them yet as I was not sure how to do it as you said with optimum quality.
  • Hi !! xpclient

    There I gave you my TXT with several links to download.

    As for the conversion, as I mentioned, the ideal is to have the latest format (*.crz extension) which are the ones with the best quality, but sometimes as they cannot be achieved, you have to convert the old formats.

    To do it is quite easy. The fundamental thing is to have courses "CRX" for example, which are the ones that came in the LINKS 1997, 1999 and 2000. To convert them to CRZ you need this:


    Regarding previous conversions, it was a long time ago and I do not remember so well, but for example I have some courses running on the LINKS 2003 with CRZ extension now, but they were originally CRH (Golf 2.0, Golf 3.0, 5 Course Library, etc.). Supposedly I converted them before from CRH to CRX and then from CRX to CRZ. It is not ideal to convert and less twice, but it is the only option when they are not achievable.

    If you go to archive.org, there are a few ISOs of Golf programs that include courses, but there are not many specific CDs with courses, especially PACKs that are the most interesting, because there are several CDs of a single course with a somewhat crazy size because bring videos and other additions.

    When it comes to conversions, I obviously mean the Access Software / Microsoft certified courses, because for FREE there is the site:


    Where there are thousands of courses to download, several very good and several something "crazy", but interesting in general.
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