Offer: Novell DR DOS 6.0 360K diskette set including the 2 update disks

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Here's the Novell DR DOS 6.0 360k version. 7 360k diskettes in the main DR DOS set, 2 360k diskettes in the update disks. PIcture of the disks included in the 7zip archive. DD in OpenSuSE 10.3 was used to create the .img files.


  • Thanks very much for rare 360KB media of DR-DOS 6.0 (04/07/92)

    I've checked all images and files with 1.2MB or 1.44MB of it.
    It seems to be no problem.

    Now I've got all media type of DR-DOS 6.0 (04/07/92).

    Thanks again.
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