[OFFER] Macmillan Web Page Construction Kit 5.0 (1999)

I recently came upon a sealed copy of this software at a local thrift shop. Looking around online, all I could find was a shareware disc that included a later version of this software among a bunch of other junk. My copy is from 1999 and includes software that runs only under Windows 95/98, along with a copy of Adobe Acrobat 3.02 that was included for the sole purpose of enabling you to read a PDF they included called "" from 1998.

I can easily make an ISO of the disc for y'all and include the serial key for installing it in a text file. It also came with a pretty hefty book, but I don't know if I could scan it all.


  • On this vintage of software, manuals are less important, as the same content is probably on the CD. An ISO would be great, please use ImgBurn to make sure you get everything. Please scan the CD label and the box it came in.
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