How do I run PC-Tools 9.0?

Not sure if I'm missing something,
But I really can't find a way to run pc-tools
on my win 10 laptop.
What steps should I take?
I tried to boot into DOS but all I can do is to boot into safemode with cmd. But then what? How do I run these disk0*.img files? And which one I run?


  • Yes, you are missing quite a lot about this program.

    First read our archive format information page about IMG/IMA files. The Format page is linked to near top of every forum page.

    Second, PC-Tools 9 is a DOS application. You can't run it natively under Windows 10. Because it is a disk utility even with Windows 10-32bit won't cut it. You will need an emulator such as PCEM, QEMU, DOSBox, or PCE. Virtualizers such as VMWare or VirtualBox should also work. Or run it on a DOS/Windows 3.1/Windows 95/Windows 98 computer.
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    Thank you so much for your reply, @SomeGuy
    So far so good.

    Installed DOSBox, mounted PC-Tools dir.
    mount c "c:\PC-Tools"

    Then tried to mount the IMG file. First there are 5 disk IMGs. Do I mount them all? I need to use DE.exe
    I tried this
    IMGMOUNT A "c:\PC-Tools\DISK01.IMG" -t floppy
    It was mounted fine.

    But when I hit install,
    It said
    loading install... Central Point Software cannot find any floppy disk drives in your system.
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