Activities Get Removed Everytime

I have no clue what's going on here, but all the activities I post on my wall get removed for some reason. Someone has a clue what's going on here? Would be very thankful for a reply!


  • Might be because it's a feature not really useful here, and maybe it can't really be disabled by the admins.
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    Well, they could possibly remove it. If there's no point of leaving an update to your activity wall and get it removed automatically for no reason, then I think it should be removed.
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    Is it really that incredibly hard for people to read the rules? There is even a nice little link to them near the top of the page. One should always read a forum's rules before posting, as rules can and will differ from forum to forum.

    We actually have a huge problem with spammers signing up and dropping SEO spam links and advertising in there. Since activity does not show up as new posts, they can go unnoticed. Also, people mistake it for the PM system and publicly post private information. To deal with this, most activity is deleted.

    There is absolutely zero point to "activity" anyway. My theory is that the Vanilla forum authors were paid to intentionally implement this for spammers.

    Just to be clear, administrators can not remove or disable this "feature". One would have to change this in code, which would get clobbered at each update.
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    That's sad. I really hope sometime to have the possibility to be able to post an update on my activity wall without getting it removed automatically. Thanks anyways for the help!
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    A place to post information about yourself sounds like a great idea on paper, but in practice it gets abused. If you have something to say about yourself AND it is on topic to this site, you may post in the software, hardware, or video game sub forum. If it is not on topic to any of those, then it probably shouldn't be on this site anyway.

    BTW, is there some reason you signed up for multiple accounts? I see "Koshgnintan" and "Netcliff" as from the same IP address. While we don't have an explicit rule against that, I don't want to see any sock puppeting. Pick one account an use that. And don't think that will protect you from banning. The forum software automatically bans all user accounts from an IP address when one is banned.
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    Yes, I was Netcliff before. I decided to use this account because I was tired of using the other one. This is my main and the only account I will use. I know that I can be IP banned.

    For some reason I kept being unsatisfied and I was trying to act and be "new", but now I think that I shouldn't make multiple accounts and I should use only one.

    Don't worry, I will only make forum posts, and comments only on this account. If something happens, I might make another account but I don't think that could happen.

    By the way, why the user with a mario picture on bad quality got banned?
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