When Scrolling Down On A Person's Discussions, The Forum Fails At Some Point

I have noticed this for a while, but has anyone else noticed this? It happens commonly with ibmpc5150's discussions, and just fails. Sorry for the short description, but a picture will be posted when I get a chance.


  • Is this, the same thing that happened to you?

  • Might probably be that further posts from the same poster had been pruned. Just an educated guess.
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    It works fine for me, although pages that expand infinitely are retarded web design and very prone to failure.

    BTW, I believe IBM5150 has more posts that anyone else on this site, even me. So if anything were to break, it would be there. But I don't feel is is a very important issue.

    If you really wanted to pursue this bug (if indeed this is even real and it is not just something at your end), it would be best to investigate other Vanilla forum implementations and take it up with the Vanilla forum developers.
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